Lawson Family Tree

Hannah Grantham

1849 - 1933

Born in 1849 in Cottingham.

Mother was Mary Wallis.
Father was Robert Grantham.

Married at 20 years of age to Charles Bromby in 1870 in Sculcoates.

Hannah and Charles had ten children: Mary Louisa, Gertrude, Minnie, Maude, Charles Herbert, Norah, Mary Hannah, Margaret, Clara and Elsie.

Hannah and Charles lived in Cottingham most of their lives.

Robert Grantham

1813 - 1898

Baptised in 1813 at Saint Mary's Church Cottingham.

Mother was Hannah.
Father was Peter Grantham.

Married at about 20 years of age to Mary Wallis. in 1833 at Saint Mary's, Sculcoates.

Robert and Mary had seven children: Robert, Thomas, George, Peter, Emma, Hannah and Samuel.

It would appear that Robert and Mary lived in Cottingham most of their lives.

Peter Grantham

1773 - 1854

Baptised in 1773 at Saint Nicholas' Church, Hornsea.

Father was John Grantham.

Peter and Hannah had twelve children: Ann, William, John, Sarah, Hannah, Peter, Mary, Thomas, Peter, Robert, Ann and Ralph.