Lawson Family Tree

Hannah Wales

1857 - 1934

Born in 1857 in Leeds.

Mother was Jane Crooks.
Father was Henry Wales.

Married at 21 years of age to Charles Duffin in 1879 at Saint Peter's Church, Norton.

Charles and Hannah had fourteen children: Robert Ware, Alfred Henry, George Arthur, Margaret, Charles Lancelot, Edith Annie, William, Henry, Daisy Mary, Thomas Ernest, Dorothy Jane, James Frederick, Glencoe Albert and Albert Edward.

Some known addresses...

1857 - Headrow,Leeds aged 0.
1861 - Langton, aged 4.
1871 - Malton, aged 14.
1881 - Westgate, Nafferton aged 24.
1891 - Middle Street, Nafferton aged 34.
1901 - High Street, Nafferton aged 44.
1904 - White Horse Inn, Nafferton aged 47.
1911 - Park House, Priestgate, Nafferton aged 58.
1915 - Park House, Priestgate, Nafferton aged 58.
1934 - Park House, Priestgate, Nafferton aged 77.

Henry Wales

1827 - 1889

Baptised in 1827 at Saint Mary's Church, Westow.

Mother was Hannah Johnson.
Father was Mark Wales.

Married at 23 years of age to Jane Crooks in 1850 at Saint Peter's Church, Leeds.

Henry and Jane had seven children: George, Johnson, James, Hannah, Thomas, William and Jane.

Mark Wales

1793 - 1870

Baptised in 1793 at Sutton on the Forest.

Father was George Wales.
Mother was Margaret Reed.

Married Hannah Johnson at St Michael Le Belfry, York,
in 1813.

Mark and Hannah had seven children: George, Johnson, Mark, Dennis, Thomas, Henry and Hannah.