Lawson Family Tree

Hannah Dannatt Sharpe

1832 - 1922

Baptised in 1832 in South Killingholme.

Mother was Mary Dawson.
Father was Robert Dannatt Sharpe.

Married at 21 years of age to John Lawson in 1854 at Saint Deny's, Killingholme.

John and Hannah had two sons: Edmund and Harry and five daughters: Elizabeth, Emily, Mary Hannah, Sarah and Ann Ellen.

Robert Dannatt Sharpe

1809 - 1874

Baptised 11th October 1809 at Saint Deny's Church, Killingholme.

Mother was Elizabeth Sharpe.
Father was Robert Dannatt.

Robert and Mary had nine children: Hannah, Harriett, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Harriett, Samuel, and Sarah.